Castle Anastacialis

A Brief History

The Arcane Trickster Elandor Anastacialis was one of the most unlikely, and later on one of the most celebrated, Elves to ever venture into the human lands. He led a group of heroes to defeat and vanquish the Army of the Lich King, and he himself destroyed the Evil Lich Archwizard known as Xykon. Though victorious, the losses of the battle weighed heavy on his heart, so much so that when he was offered a castle in exchange for “Keeping an eye on and dealing with the Humans,” he almost immediately accepted.

That was almost four hundred years ago, and for the last near-century, no
one has heard nor seen sight of Elandor himself. The castle, though still rife with his concealments, illusions, and traps, has fallen into disrepair and ruin. The Norcs seem to have lead a seige on the castle, perhaps killing or routing Elandor. They now live within its walls, and have taken the farmers to death one by one.

Important Items so far

  1. Elandor Anastacialis is the owner of the castle, but has disappeared.
  2. Norcs have overrun the castle, and live inside of it.
  3. The nearby farmers were killed and piled up in the empty barracks just inside the castle.
  4. There are at least two Norc tribes involved in the castle.

Castle Anastacialis

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