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  • Peoples

    There are many different Races of man which live in Aerithia. [[Elven]] [[Human]] [[Nork]]

  • Elven

    Elves epitomize Grace, Beauty, Society, and High Culture. They are a primarily forest dwelling people, who do not take kindly to uninvited intruders, though they will always hesitate to get violent unless continuously provoked into action.

  • Human

    Humans are a nomadic, adapting race of people. They epitomize the Middle Ground, trying their best to live whichever lot in life they are stuck with having drawn. They are found nearly everywhere, and are constantly moving from place to place.

  • Nork

    Norks epitomize Carnality, the Short Term, Brutishness, and Low Culture. They live in tribes, normally tribes which refuse to accept the existence of any other tribe, each trying to unite the entire Norkic race (or at least, the local tribes) under their …

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